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Sizewell C Works Tracker
What is Sizewell C Works Tracker? 

The Sizewell C Works Tracker is a way of providing quick and easy access to a schedule of work being carried out in preparation, if Sizewell C reaches the construction stage.

Sizewell C is the proposed new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast. It could supply around six million homes with low carbon electricity for at least 60 years. Building Sizewell C would help the country move away from polluting fossil fuels as it would provide a low carbon alternative to coal and gas, therefore playing a major role in fighting climate change.

EDF Energy has been consulting with communities on plans for Sizewell C, and we continue to talk with local residents, parish councils and local authorities. We are also working alongside environmental organisations and local stakeholder groups.

If Sizewell C goes ahead, we will need to work as safely and efficiently as possible. As part of this preparation we are carrying out surveys and investigative works in East Suffolk.

How can Sizewell C Works Tracker help you?

Sizewell C Works Tracker is a convenient way to find the latest information on when and where works are taking place. It also lets you track the progress on work being undertaken. With a range of filters available it is easy to search for specific information by dates and times, parishes and specific types of work. Our aim is to ensure everything you need to know is simple to find during this period.

We are grateful for your interest so far and continue to welcome your views. Therefore, please contact us if you would like further information on the tracker or if you want to learn more about the Sizewell C project.

Sizewell C Community Relations Team

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