Aldeburgh Town Council

This plan comes into effect in case of:

Flooding and tidal surges, severe storms, nuclear incident, widespread and prolonged power loss, terrorism and act of war and extreme weather.

In an emergency

If you can, stay with a friend who is well outside the affected area.

If you need to evacuate to the Emergency Centre at Aldeburgh Church Hall, you will have access to a place of safety, up-to-date information from all the emergency services and basic welfare comforts.

But YOU can help yourself….

Register with the Environment Agency’s Floodline. It’s free and they will send you a mass of useful information. Tel 0845 9881188 or click here to go online.

Be aware of warnings via the TV, radio or the internet. If you’ve registered with Floodline, you will get email alerts direct to your mobile phone.

Prepare your home and property for the worse. Don’t wait for water to come into your house. Move all valuable property upstairs or I to a safe haven away from Aldeburgh.

Find yourself a Flood Friend, someone who can help during a flood. Get them to register for warnings so they know when to help. Perhaps they could offer you a bed for the night.

If you are bed-bound, make sure carers and relatives receive flood warnings so they can organise help for you.

Remember… if you’re unsure or worried about flooding or any major problem ring 999.

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