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Below are the presentations and notes from the meeting held on 7th November to discuss the Environment Agency’s regulation of Sizewell A, B and C nuclear power stations.

The next Sizewell C ‘Meet the regulator’ meeting is planned for March 2024. As soon as details have been shared with us we will update our website.

In addition to this regular forum, they are setting up a national ‘meet the regulator’ meeting, with a focus on our national work related to topics such as:

    • environmental and sustainability issues including climate change mitigation (net zero) and adaptation, flood risk, water and other resource use, radioactivity in the environment, and non-radioactive discharges
    • radioactive waste management and disposal
    • new build, such as advanced technologies, small modular reactors, generic design assessment
    • decommissioning
    • operational sites
    • permit applications and variations and other issues of interest to stakeholders

If you’d be interested in attending this meeting please contact the Sizewell C Nuclear New Build Project Team directly on

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Sizewell: nuclear regulation – GOV.UK (

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231107 Sizewell ‘Meet the Regulator’ Meeting Notes – FINAL

20231107 Sizewell Stakeholder Engagement Meeting Presentation Attendee Pack

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